Work environments can be demanding. The ACS ALCOLOCK™ V3 alcohol interlock is engineered to withstand vibration, dirt, dust, humidity and extreme temperatures typically found in commercial applications. The ALCOLOCK V3 is built to the highest quality standards.

The ALCOLOCK V3 alcohol ignition interlock measures the breath alcohol concentration (BrAC) of the driver and prevents the vehicle from being started if the BrAC is over a predetermined limit.

This creates a fleet efficient environment and most of all, a safe working environment for all. The ACS ALCOLOCK™ is the next level in fleet management.

  • Drivers use the handset to provide a breath sample.
  • Within seconds the ALCOLOCK™ V3 device analyses breath alcohol content (BrAC).
  • The ALCOLOCK™ V3 inhibits vehicle operation if the driver is over the professional drivers limit.
  • Drivers may be tested at the beginning of their shift, or at intervals throughout the day, by programming the ALCOLOCK™ V3 system to meet company safety policy requirements.
  • Real-time reporting makes the ALCOLOCK™ V3 the ultimate fleet solution.
  • Designed specifically for commercial environments, featuring proven durability and tailored testing features.

ALCOLOCK™ V3 Specifications
Handset Size 150 mm x 48 mm x 50 mm
Handset Weight 220 grams
Sensor Electrochemical (fuel cell)
Specificity Alcohol only (no response to ketones or hydrocarbons)
Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Initial Test 30 seconds
Breath Sample 5 second moderate and continuous breath sample
Analysis Time 5 to 25 seconds
Recycle (Recovery) Time 10 to 30 seconds
BAC Result Tri-colour LED (Pass | Warn |Fail)
Range of Measurement 0 to 1.00 mg/L
Accuracy ± 0.03 @ 0.20 mg/L
Display Graphic LCD
Memory 100 000 events log
Automatic Power Down After one hour of inactivity (programmable)
Mouthpiece Round (model: 95-000250)
Calibration Alcohol Reference Solution or Dry Gas
Operating Voltage 12 volt or 24 volt DC